On Friday October 27, 2017 the NLIC Board was invited to attend the official reopening of the BIS Irish Hall on Harvey Road

The BIS completed renovations to their facility in order to provide better access for those with disabilities.

Other changes included a new floor, kitchen, ceiling tiles and lighting, furniture & fixtures and repainting the interior & exterior of the building.

President Shawn Skinner said the upgraded facility that will better position the BIS to achieve its business, charitable and social objectives in the future.

About 75 people attended the event which included BIS members, members of from the Irish Newfoundland Association and folks from the general public. Our new Mayor His Worship Danny Breen was also in attendance and congratulated the BIS for their service to the community for the past 211 years.

I along with George Power, Pat Roberts, Velma Dalton, Larry Dohey and Michelle McCarthy attended from the NLIC Board.

As part of the event local historian Dr. John Fitzgerald, and Vice President of the BIS, gave a short presentation on the “Evolution of the Irish in Newfoundland” after the large emigration from Ireland to our country had ceased by 1840.

As our Chair, Kyran Dwyer was away on business, I presented President Skinner with a cheque for $1000.00 in recognition of the support provided by the Society to NLIC

The following are excerpts from Kyran’s letter to President Skinner:

“The Benevolent Irish Society became a member of the NLIC Board in 2010 and since then has made a significant contribution to achieving the Board’s objectives in making connections between Newfoundland & Labrador and Ireland.  As you know the BIS has the only permanent seat on our Board of Directors

The use of your facility for meetings, fundraisers and hosting events during the bi-annual Gathering in our Province has greatly contributed to our success over the past seven years.

Your wide network has expanded our reach to those interested in Irish Culture and Heritage.

Working in partnership on activities that promote our the unique Newfoundland Irish Heritage has been applauded by the local community and our cousins in Ireland”

President Skinner thanked NLIC for the generous donation and said it would be used to further BIS Cultural & Heritage objectives.”

The evening concluded with food and a social gathering

Bob Gillard
Vice Chair

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