2018 Ireland Newfoundland Gathering Performer / Artist Application

Applications are now available to perform or exhibit during the 2018 Ireland Newfoundland Gathering which is being held in Southeast Ireland on August 17-25,2018.

We consider the 2018 Ireland Newfoundland Gathering to be a fantastic opportunity for artists to showcase their talent & help to unite and celebrate the shared culture of Newfoundland & Labrador and Ireland. This is also a chance for artists to network & make contacts in Ireland which may help promote their work & increase future performing/exhibition opportunities.

All successful applicants will be notified by e-mail. We sincerely thank all those who apply. Only the applicants who are successful will be contacted by NLIC.

Please forward this application via e-mail to contact@nlirishconnections.org.

Deadline for applications isFebruary 15,2018.

Click Here for the
2018 Gathering Performer Application

Also available as a Adobe PDF

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