Cultural Gathering

NLIC 2015 Gathering FINAL Sept

The Ireland-Newfoundland Gathering (formerly Festival of the Sea) is an annual event designed to promote cultural, historic and community ties between Southeast Ireland and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, as well as the global Irish diaspora. The 2017 Gathering will be held from August 18-27 in St. John’s, Trepassey and Torbay. Here is a list of scheduled events. Events highlights in Green are open to the General Public. Please note, events are subject to change.

Aloy O Brien Concert Thursday August 24th, 7:30 pm, St. Teresa’s School, Mundy Pond Road. Further details to be announced.

The NLIC works closely with Ireland Newfoundland Connections (INC) in Ireland who host a twin festival during alternate years. Both NLIC and INC are non-profit community organizations who have worked closely with other community groups and organizations to hold educational, exciting and experience-of-a-lifetime festivals in Newfoundland and Ireland since 2005.

Here are a list of events that are open to the general public.